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Veterans2Work is committed to helping launch successful growth economy careers for 100,000 veterans.  Career launch support is provided free of charge to active duty service members, honorably discharged veterans and miltiary spouses.  Services span the career lifecycle and include career assessment and counseling, training, job networking and mentoring, job matching and placement and ongoing career support.  

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Career Track: Cloud Computing Career Launch

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Terms of Use

1. In engaging with employers, I will:

  • Know basic job requirements before applying;
  • Submit my application only for jobs for which I am qualified; Do my homework before each interview:
  • I will research the company, prepare appropriate questions and be prepared to respond likely questions;
  • Adhere to employers' posted procedures;
  • Respond fully to employers' direct requests within 48 hours;
  • Acknowledge employers' time and consideration within 48 hours of each interview;
  • Conduct myself in a manner that reflects favorably on Veterans2Work and my fellow veterans.

2. I will provide feedback to Veterans2Work for the purpose of enhancing employability and job success of fellow veterans.

3. Veterans2Work may share my information with employers and agencies as appropriate. Veterans2Work will NEVER share your personal information with anyone without your express permission.

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